For patients

The coordinator of the Oncofertility team is your coach during your (or your child's) treatment. She will arrange all practical matters for you, including:

  • your registration as a patient of UZ Brussel,
  • your consultation with the CRG fertility doctor,
  • the necessary preliminary examinations,
  • if you are undergoing the procedure at UZ Brussel, the appointment for the preoperative tests and for the procedure itself.

    If the procedure will take place under general anaesthesia, you should also read Procedure for interventions under anaesthesia.

The oncofertility coordinator will give you all the required information about your treatment, including where and when you are expected to attend and, if applicable, what you have to do to prepare for the procedure.

Each time human reproductive material is collected and stored by means of cryopreservation – in accordance with the Belgian law – one or several contracts are required. The contract stipulates the agreements between you as a patient and UZ Brussel as a health care provider.
CRG and the bank for the preservation of human reproductive material (MLM) constitute one legal entity with UZ Brussel.
Please read the paragraph below about the storage time, it is crucial in case of oncofertility treatment.

In the contract or the contracts you, the patient (or the parents of the patient) gives (give) permission to
  • (in case of surgery) before the procedure itself and before the reproductive tissue is removed (part of the ovary, part of the testicle, testicle tissue);
  • (when collecting egg cells) for a treatment of medically assisted fertilization, more specifically to collect egg cells, possibly in combination with the maturation and/or fertilization of the egg cells in the laboratory;
  • to store the collected material (gametes or tissue) by means of cryopreservation; and
  • to either or not conduct scientific research with (a part of) the preserved material, either at the time of collection, or at the end of the cryopreservation period.
Certainly in the domain of oncofertility and in view of the (future) recovery of fertility after cancer treatment, experimental scientific research is indispensable to continue to make progress.
Still patients are completely free to decide: whether or not you agree that a small part of your reproductive material is used for scientific research or not will not affect your oncofertility treatment in any way.