For medical staff making referrals

The Oncofertility team of UZ Brussel makes its services available to all medical staff making referrals. General practitioners, oncologists, haematologist, paediatricians, etc. who want to give to their patients who were diagnosed with cancer a chance to protect their fertility can call on us.
The autonomy of the referring doctor is a constant factor. That the effectiveness of the cancer treatment remains the first priority goes beyond saying. The Oncofertility team shall not take any action or propose any treatment which may interfere with the course of the cancer treatment.

For all your questions and requests, please refer to our coordinator (click on Contact) – tel. +32 2 477 40 44.
She will arrange for a meeting between yourself, your patient and the doctors and biologists of the Oncofertility team.
She can give you all the necessary information about the practices at CRG and, where appropriate, about the procedure to be followed when transporting human reproductive material.

Transport of human reproductive material

Upon simple request by e-mail to the Oncofertility coordinator will provide the necessary instructions.