Cancer treatment is about to start

When you have been diagnosed with cancer or if you are starting chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the near future, the available time for fertility preservation is rather limited.
If you are in this situation, please contact us as soon as possible.

World first for CRG UZ Brussel

First baby born after application of new technique in cancer patient

New approach of the UZ Brussel Oncofertility department makes it possible to avoid ovarian transplantation.

Cancer treatment has started

Even if your cancer treatment has started, a number of approaches may be considered to safeguard your fertility.

Cancer treatment has ended

Just a few months after the end of cancer treatment the Oncofertility team at CRG can test how your fertility was affected.

What if you want to have children
after cancer treatment?

The options you have depend on your personal situation and health condition. Read more about it in this chaptre.